The Benefits of Magazine Reading Vs Social Media

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Every now and again on my train journeys home, i’ll take a moment and look up and try to lock eyes with another person that is also trying to engage with the real-world and not scrolling through their Insta feed or watching that episode of something they downloaded before having to be squished in next to another body on the Waterloo to Woking train. It’s pretty difficult. Our smart phones are now biconically attached to our hands. (It would actually be handier if they were.) We have to be locked in to the live feed of information so bad that we have actually stopped looking at where we’re walking, who’s fallen down in front of us, or what cars are coming before we step in to the street. (see Pokemon Go! article here)

These are daily observations and I find myself being left alone as the only non-social media user that is still looking up. Oh! I caught that guys eyes…a smile?…it’s made him uncomfortable. He’s going back to his phone.

I talk with little judgement here, Candy Crush is my thing. An equally brain-fizzling past-time, but my observations have left me to wonder; What does the future hold for our real-world interactions?

Mark Zuckerberg gave us the long awaited presentation on META a couple of weeks ago, and we were all left feeling a little bemused and confused about the actual point of it all. VR travel, conferences, office interactions and the rest. Virtually transport yourself through the tool of rose-tinted VR glasses. Scary stuff. Perhaps our phones are a small introduction to a future od

The last 2 years have been a monumental rollercoaster of hope, disappointedI know

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