Unleash the full potential of Digi-Mags for your business!

Take our Digital Magazine Platform to the next level with Digi-Mags Custom. For only an extra 33p a day your customers can enjoy a fully branded and customised magazine reading experience in your own corporate identity. Use the engagement that magazines offer to drive traffic to your own social channels and blogs, build mailing lists, promote special offers and display content from anything such as price lists to information brochures, menus and directories.

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Digi-Mags Custom

With Digi-Mags custom the platform will be branded to your corporate identity. Multiple banner positions can link to external content such as social media channels, websites, special offers, 3rd party advertising, videos & directories. 

  • Custom branded layout
  • Multiple banner positions
  • Add your own content such as menu’s and price lists
  • Tailor the magazine selection to your customers
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Medical Digi-Mags Custom Platform

Digi-Mags Custom Pro

Digi-Mags Custom Pro gives you all the benefits listed above but is for businesses that want additional features such as dedicated URL’s in your own company name, performance statistics and your own custom branded promotional materials. With Custom Pro you can also create a complete library of documents that can be available for your customers to download onto their own devices, this can be used to promote information in settings such as medical environments.

  • Dedicated URL and SSL
  • Complete custom library
  • Custom branded promotional materials
  • Performance statistics & analytics
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