Digi-Mags for Gyms

We build bespoke digital newsstands for gyms and other sports venues so your members can access amazing editorial from the best magazines and newspapers all optimised for mobile when visiting,

With our bespoke custom platform, you can digitise price lists and link to booking platforms. Digi-Mags can also be integrated into your own applications such as a member App or Wi-Fi enabled touch screen gym equipment.


Enjoy a huge range of magazines and newspapers by simply scanning a QR code

There is no need for your members to download an App or register. Simply scan a QR code placed within your gym and they can access a massive range of magazines & newspapers including up to 12 months worth of back issues. A single scan will give them access to the portal all day, no matter whether they are on or off site.

How it works

Magazine & newspaper articles are optimised for mobile for the ultimate digital reading experience.

With 1000’s of articles optimised for mobile your members can enjoy a great reading experience on mobile devices and with our Audio Article feature if they prefer, they can listen to the articles instead while working out or relaxing at your venue.

How it works

Bespoke newsstand built for your gym

Digi-Mags can be built and designed in your gym’s identity. With opportunities to promote your own social channels, class booking systems, special offers and add your own content such as menus & price lists which can be optimised for easy viewing on mobile devices. Scan the QR code below to see a demo

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Digi-Mags is incredible value, so please add in your message the number of members at your gym or fitness centre so we can give you an unbeatable price!