The Benefits of Going Digital

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Our friendly neighbourhood pandemic has changed the way we are doing business and has swiftly accelerated our shift to digital. Almost every sector has had to turn their hand to digital to keep up with their consumer’s demands, engagement, expectations & most of all loyalty.

Doing business digitally is the new norm, and it’s very much here to stay.

No matter what business you’re in, going digital can benefit your business immensely from customer engagement and employee efficiency to data management and brand awareness, as listed out in this CNBC article here.

But here in the entertainment world we’ve had some mixed reactions.

Sustainability is a unanimous argument that everyone wants to get behind, and of course! If you can be greener and help your planet that little bit more than you should right?

Well in 2022 alone (we’re only on the 4th of the month) we have already produced 1.7 million tonnes of paper. Which accounts for 113,000 hectares of forest being cut down or burned.
Whilst the UK are one of the world leaders in recycling, we cannot grow back our forests fast enough to deal with the amount of output. Paper waste makes up for 26% of all waste in landfill and is not recycled.

(Source here.)

Digi-Mags is proud to be partnered with Salon Sustainability, a small but growing collective focused on reducing and recycling up almost 100% of salon waste. They provide and collect bins that will take away chemicals used in salons, foils, bottles and so much more.

We are also committed to planting a tree with every Digi-Mags purchase in 2022 and will be joining the reforestation efforts of One Tree Planted to do this.


Adapting to a Post-Pandemic Market 

Digi-Mags was created at the start of 2020 in the peak of the first wave of Covid. Understanding that our customers were still needing to provide entertainment to their guests but in a safe and transmissible free manner, we new that a digital magazine rack was the answer. Since our inception we’ve seen a significant increase of consumer engagement from our clients that are using our digital platform offering and more importantly; one that our clients can track.

Digi-Mags is a simple digital reading platform that provides your guests or clients access to over 130 magazines from a simple Scan & Read function of a QR code. Not only does this work out fantastic value, but also allows your guests to feel safe when reading their magazines from their own devices.
The Custom feature allows you as a business to be able to tailor the platform to your own brand identity and link in any special offers, brand news, general website links and social channels to encourage a branded experience from start to finish of their visit.

It’s a quick and engaging way for your guests to access what they need to whilst being entertained.


How has your business had to adapt in these new times we’re in? Have you found that your business has taken a turn for the better? Are you struggling to find a way to take your business digital? Do you feel it simply wouldn’t work? Have you seen any benefits?

We’d love to hear your business stories!

Chat to us @digimagsuk and let us know how you’re getting on and what you hope 2022 will hold for you!

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