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We give you a run down on what’s hot this month and what WE think you should be reading. Having access to over 130 magazines during a 30 minute appointment can be mind-boggling to the point of insanity. But FEAR NOT! For we have whittled down the whif-whaf, shaved the ads and made way for the articles we think YOU should be B-Lining it to.

GQ – The MetaVerse Issue 

If you’re confused with the new wave of techno-whizz happening at the moment then this month’s GQ is for you. This MetaVerse Issue of GQ fills us in on it all!

Find out how Matt Damon & LeBron James are hotting up the Crypto Talent pool and giving expert (and…kinda bullyish) advice to amateur investors to join the herd with crypto.com. The Couture world has taken on an in-practical yet revolutionary step with digital fashion & What the fudge NFT’s are really all about, the galleries that are investing in them and the do’s & dangers when wanting to purchase one.

Vogue – Oh Gisele! 

I swear, the last time we saw this girl was when DiCaprio tried to downplay his heart dragging along the floors of Hollywood when this bodacious bombshell left him.

Since that time, the world has turned around 6,222 times, we have all gained 17 years and yet, Gisele, hasn’t aged a day.
Shot near her NYC apartment by the legendary Steven Meisel & donning outfits from Saint Laurent, Chanel, Giambatista Valli, Lorenzo Serafini, Dior, Christian Louboutin and so many more, this exclusive focus on our once favourite model takes us back to a time of classics. New York glamour, old money & realness that we have missed… oh so much.

WIRED – Making Climate Change Work 

This month’s issue of Wired has some real gems – notably how World BeatBox Champ Reeps1 & tech whizz Trung Bao are harnessing the sounds of endangered species & dying tribal languages to create digital ‘Sound Gems’ or Taika Waititi on his blockbuster hits that were never really meant to be….

Furthermore, what do you do when an uncertain climate gives you an uncertain business? Barolo has made a major comeback of late, but with weather scheduled to heat up further this year, experts are unsure for how long. The House of Bollinger, however, have found a way to keep track of a changing climate and predict future conditions for their grapes that will keep producing many vintages to come.

National Geographic Traveller – The New Safari 

Clean, green & serene is the new way to travel the bush. As eco-lodging has surely taken over Africa’s Safari regions, tourism organisers in the areas have looked at new ways to conserve their beautiful biodiversity and provide a heightened safari experience for both man & the wild. Looking towards an economic future has had immediate impact on the animals and safari lovers. Electric vehicles provide a silent & non-intrusive trip whilst more conservation on beaches have seen an increase in bird population for watching trips.

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