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It’s #NationalRecyclingDay !

DIGI-KNOW: 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, and out of that only 14% makes it to the recycling centres. Salons produce enough waste to fill 50 football stadiums and sadly, the vast majority of this currently ends up in landfill sites. The hair & beauty industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to UK waste, but hundreds of salons up & down the country are turning a new leaf and leading the way in recycling for salons, wasting less and manufacturing products that are eco-friendly easy to recycle – and we salute you!

Digi-Mags is a 100% waste-free, sustainable product, and we’re kinda proud of that. BUT this isn’t about us.. We wanted to shine a light on the companies that have caught our green-keen eye and who are making moves to do their bit for our climate through waste-free, vegan & low carbon products.

Here are just a few of our favourite companies that are doing their bit.


Salon Sustainability

Renowned colour technician & owner of Guy Kramer in Lymington, JC Aucamp is also founder of Salon Sustainability; a company dedicated to making recycling simple for salons.

“We give you all the power to easily recycle up to 95% of salon waste. Everything from aluminium foils, disposable towels, colour tubes, chemicals, hair, plastic and paper. We even run a PPE Recovery programme and we offer fully compostable PPE including gowns, aprons and gloves.

100% of our profit from selling on waste for recycling goes directly to support the industry’s charity, HABB (Hair and Beauty Benevolent) & along the way, we give business and employment to Enham Trust , a leading UK disability charity committed to supporting disabled people to live, work & enjoy life.”

Salon Sustainability have already partnered with some other brands pledging to do the same. Take a look at their site to find out more about the awesome work they do.


Scrummi Towels

Kent based SCRUMMI are leading the way in biodegradable towels for salons. Their mission is…

“To revolutionise the way salons operate by making outdated cotton laundry systems a thing of the past! No more unhygienic threadbare cotton towel washes at 90 degrees…. There are so many benefits of using Scrummi’s biodegradable towels over traditional cotton hairdressing towels – They will save you money, increase productivity and reduce your carbon footprint.”

Salons up & down the country are saving money & energy with Scrummi towels & YOU can try them out for free! Just visit them here & sign up! 

Precision Colour

Founders Victoria Tarrant & Jerry Rihl kicked off SmartMix in 2015.

“The amount of wasted colour and associate cost convinced Victoria that there must be a better way to mix colour. The result is SmartMix, a simple app that helps stylists mix the correct amount of colour every time.

Victoria worked closely with large salons in London to perfect the app and really get to know what would work best in a busy, fast environment.

SmartMix combines tablet technology with electronic scales to provide accurate, fast, repeatable, professional colour mixing.
  • Precise colour mixing
  • Zero wastage
  • Repeatable mixes
  • Accurate treatment recording
  • Faster development time
  • Simple to use – SmartMix is super friendly being designed by colour stylists by colourists to automate colour mixing.
Taking account of hair type and condition, SmartMix calculates the proportion of colour precisely needed for each client – giving a bespoke mix and eliminating colour wastage from DAY 1 of use.”
There’s even a handy calculator on the website so you can see TODAY how much money your business could save on colour! We actually met Victoria at Salon International and she’d bought herself a Rolex with all the money she’d saved…she don’t lie.
See more on these industry geniuses here.



Natulique are a certified organic family run business based out of Denmark and are the FIRST complete certified ORGANIC PROFESSIONAL hair care line in the world. Their mission is simple, to use as many certified organic ingredients in all of their professional products as possible, meaning better and less toxic products for the consumer, stylists and environment!

They are 100% cruelty free, vegan, paraben free, and 95% composited of natural materials meaning all of their products are harmless to the environment. Speaking from someone who is a regular user of their product, I can vouch that they are in fact amazing.

Natulique have also made the promise to not ship worldwide to maintain their brand ethos. They work directly with the salon professionals and keep their shipping distances within the EU.

See more on Natulique and the great work they do here.



(That’s us) and yes whilst we said we weren’t going to make this about us, we are going to a bit. So DIGI MAGS is the new sustainable way to provide in-salon entertainment for your guests. It’s totally app-free meaning nothing to download, no data to hand over, just a simple scan & read function with all the fun of your favourite magazines, daily newspapers & direct links to your salon’s website & social channels (if you upgrade to custom) all from the comfort of your own device.

WHICH if you order today with us and use code UPGRADEME we’ll give you just that, an upgrade to Digi-Mags Custom.

Take a look at the video to see how this dope platform works and how you can, not only save space at your stations but also go green with your magazine picks.


What’s more? We are partnered with One Tree Planted – so for every new purchase of Digi Mags we’ll plant a tree in an area that has been most affected by deforestation. Nice, huh?

Get involved, go Digi. 

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