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If it wasn’t enough that Digi-Mags gives you and your customers access to over 110 magazines, in full HD quality & from countless devices (!) We have now brought you Digi Mags Custom; The same beautifully functional digital magazine rack but covered H-to-T with your business branding.

So now your customers can be entertained whilst staying fully engaged with what you have going on in-store!¬† Whether it’s your brand new menu, booking your next session, a link to your social channels or promoting your latest offers, Digi-Mags can lead them straight there.

Take a look at how Digi Mags Custom could work for your business !

If you have any questions on Digi Mags Custom for your business, give us a call today on 0208 974 3970 or email our sales team sales@digi-mags.co.uk



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